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Italy Today

Italy Today. Social picture and trends 2011
2012 - pp. 245

The CENSIS Report, now in its 45th edition, interprets Italy's most significant socio-economic dimensions at a difficult moment in the country's history.
The opening chapter, General Considerations, is a discussion of how Italian society has turned out to be fragile, isolated, and lacking autonomy. But above and beyond the pivotal role now played by leaders of financial institutions, the pace of Italy's economic growth is slow but follows a soundtrack: the value of the real economy, the extended time span of development, the emphasis on relationships and representation.
The second part of the Report, entitled Italian Society in 2011, addresses some of the main issues that emerged during that year: what is left of the Italian model of development, the causes of the country's economic stagnation, and how to revitalize its growth potential.
Finally, the third and fourth parts address a number of specific areas: education and training, employment, welfare and health care, territory and networks, economic development and its main players, the mass media and communications, the public administration, security and citizenry.