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Italy Today

Italy Today. Social picture and trends 2013
2014 - pp. 104

The CENSIS Report, now in its 47th edition, provides interpretations of the most significant socioeconomic processes underway in Italy at this difficult time of crisis the country is going through. The opening chapter, entitled General Considerations, gives an introduction to the entire Report, stressing that while Italian society currently seems "insipid" and discontent, there is a desire for connectivity. The second part, Italian Society in 2013, deals with some of the most interesting trends to come to the fore during the last year: the system holding fast, against all odds; the new players to emerge in the economic crisis; the weak links in the chain and the energies that are nonetheless emerging; the asymmetrical legislative process; and changing trends in personal values. The third and fourth parts of the Report offer detailed analyses of specific sectors: education and training; the labor market and representation; public welfare and healthcare; territory and networks; the economic players; media and communications; Public Administration; and security and citizenship.

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